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Finding the right teacher:

Finding the right music teacher can be intimidating and frustrating, and the wrong teacher may leave students feeling burned out and no longer interested in pursuing music. From my own music studies I realize how important it is to find the right teacher whose communication style is both clear and understandable to you or your student. This is not always a guarantee, no matter how good the student or teacher may be. So I recognize it's important that we are a good fit for one another. 

Your Voice Teacher's Role:

Voice teachers play many roles in the lives of their students. Technician, coach, physical


therapist, psychologist, language coach, mentor and friend are some of the roles a good voice teacher takes on. In addition, on any given day, you come to your lesson with a variety of personal and professional stresses, struggles, and surprises in your life. Therefore, my goal is first to listen to your needs, vocal and personal. The voice is a holistic instrument. You bring unique skills and challenges to the lesson. My goal is to celebrate the natural healthy mechanism of your voice. The more we uncover your natural voice, and remove poor habits and inhibitions, the more relaxed and confident you will become as a vocalist.

My Teaching Style:

My teaching method is grounded in an insight held in common by successful vocal teachers

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around the world: good voice instruction is based on free and uninhibited vocal production. I work to inspire students to strive for excellence and find excitement in seeing what they can achieve through discipline, study and attentiveness to detail. In addition, I practice teaching techniques focused on positive reinforcement, 

personal interpretation, improvisation, and imagination. This method puts the music at the service of the musician, as opposed to the musician feeling enslaved to the labors of technique and perfectionism. All the while we are inspiring healthy vocal production, naturally and intuitively. 

What we will work on:
Together we will focus on: 
Tone Quality: resonance, clarity, control, focus, warmth
Intonation: pitch identification and accuracy
Rhythm: accuracy
Balance, Blend: vowel quality, ensemble collaboration
Technique: artistry, control of range, breath support, dynamics,
Interpretation: style, phrasing, emotional involvement, musical expressions
Diction: pronunciation, language skills
Performance Factors: appropriate literature, attire, posture, mannerisms, facial expression, character development

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